Modernize Your Network. Maximize Your Capacity

The path to greater profit in the telecommunications industry requires more capacity and better signal reliability. That means building a network today that can handle tomorrow’s subscriber demands. To successfully build that network, wireless service providers must address four key challenges:

  • Modernization: What is the best way to deploy new technology into your existing architecture without disrupting network performance?
  • Spectrum: How can you minimize PIM interference to maximize available spectrum and optimize your signal-to-noise ratio?
  • Coverage and capacity: What equipment do you need to generate the greatest revenue from the most lucrative venues?
  • Small cells: How can you divide your frequency band by decreasing cell size and increasing locations to multiply available spectrum?


Small Cell Solutions

Wireless service providers around the world have turned to CommScope and the Andrew® portfolio of solutions for more than 75 years. From site acquisition to backhaul, power and RF optimization, our solutions help customers anticipate and meet the evolving needs of the market quickly — so they can be more innovative, more agile and ultimately, more profitable.