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AirScout by Greenlee

Greenlee Communications AirScout Testing Wi-Fi Readiness
As operators place greater emphasis on Wi-Fi as part of their solutions offering, consumers are using it to view media content. Consequently, they are expecting the same quality of experience that wired solutions have offered. Delivering a seamless Wi-Fi experience in the residence or premise is quickly becoming the de-facto standard when judging service providers & contractors. However technician’s current workflows use rudimentary tools when characterizing the Wi-Fi environment. This lack of client side visibility into the quality of experience is a costly approach. The cost associated with Wi-Fi issues are spiraling out of control. With most of it hidden, providers are starting to pay a great deal of attention to the quality of Wi-Fi installations.


AirScout provides technicians with a tool that distills complex measurements into easy to understand metrics; enabling technicians to convey to consumers simple to understand answers like:

  • Gaming will work in the kid’s bedroom with Wi-Fi
  • 4K Video will work throughout the home
  • There is sufficient capacity for adding more devices in the future
  • Everyone will be able to browse social media concurrently
  • Router’s optimum location is in this room

AirScout enables service providers with a tool that replicates the complex Wi-Fi home environment enabling the home for Wi-Fi readiness and optimization.



AirScout heat map     AirScout heat map
Greenlee Communications

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