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FOCIS PRO SC/FC UPC & APC Inspection and Analysis Kit


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The NOYES family of FOCIS PRO automatic fiber inspection solutions provides network personnel with the capability to analyze and document fiber connector cleanliness and integrity. The FOCIS PRO SC/FC UPC & APC Inspection and Analysis Kit bundles everything network personnel need for today’s SC/FC connector environment. This application-specific kit includes a DFD1 Touchscreen Tablet equipped with AFL’s powerful SimpleView PRO analysis software, a DFS1 Digital Fiberscope, and probe adapter tips for UPC and APC jumper (male) and bulkhead (female) connectors.



  • Automatic Analysis of fiber end-face
  • Built-in IEC, AT&T-TP-76461 and user-defined limits
  • 1.3 μm/pixel analysis resolution
  • 0.5 μm visual detection capability
  • 1.0 μm optical system resolution
  • 400 μm x 350 μm field of view
  • Paired fiber images for comparing before/after, input/output, etc.
  • Integrated focus and snapshot controls
  • Capture, save, review and share images


  • Automatic Analysis of PC/UPC and APC connectors
  • Analyze-Clean-Analyze-Document workflow
  • Document “as-built” or “as found” condition of connectors


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