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Leadership Team

Kathleen Putrah - CEO of KGP Logistics

As the owner and founder of KGP Logistics, I am proud of our years of experience we have accumulated as an organization totaling more than three decades. KGP was established on the belief that, with hard work and dedication, we could serve Customers better than anyone else. All these years later we have expanded where it makes sense and continually invested with only one goal in mind—the Customer comes first.

KGP Logistics is unlike any other telecom distributor. We have a broad range of services that go far beyond the traditional distribution model. Our objective has always been to find ways to drive cost out of your business by utilizing our expertise in supply chain services. To not only deliver product on time but to drive out inefficiencies through standardization and material management or the integration of multiple products to decrease your time to market.

At KGP, we began as a family owned and operated company and we continue that legacy today. Now, we have grown our family to include Customers and associates that have become a part of our lives through business and friendships which are unmatched in any organization.

Thank you for the opportunity to do business with you and for becoming a part of the KGP family.

Kathleen G. Putrah
Chairman and CEO

Trevor Putrah - COO of KGP Logistics

Trevor Putrah


Rick Putrah - VP of Supply Chain Services at KGP Logistics

Rick Putrah

Vice President, Supply Chain Services, AT&T

John Ressler - VP of Supply Chain Services at KGP Logistics

John Ressler

Vice President, Supply Chain Services,CenturyLink

Desi O’Grady - VP of Broadband Wireless and Wireline Networks at KGP Logistics

Desi O’Grady

Vice President, Broadband Wireless & Wireline Networks

Ken Marcotte - Vice President of Operations for KGP Logistics

Ken Marcotte

Vice President, Operations

Stuart Romenesko - CFO of KGP Logistics

Stuart Romenesko

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Putrah - VP of Supply Chain Services at KGP Logistics

Tim Putrah

Vice President, Supply Chain Services, Verizon, AT&T Southeast

Greg Marr - CIO of KGP Logistics

Greg Marr

Chief Information Officer

Peter Wraight - VP of Business Strategy and Innovation at KGP Logistics

Peter Wraight

Vice President, Business Strategy and Innovation

Cheryl Riggle - AVP of Diversity & Operational Improvement

Cheryl Riggle

AVP of Diversity & Operational Improvement

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